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Hello, I am what comes out after mixing introversion with a tad bit of perfectionism. I am Ihtisham Zahoor – a highly-driven Full-Stack Web developer in the making.

As an enthusiast of the Free & Open Source Software Initiative. I love to contribute back to open-source communities like
WordPress via writing, speaking and helping organize meetups.

I have had the privilege to write open-source software for the WordPress platform as well as contributed to the WordPress core. That being said, I enjoy a great deal with my involvement in the WordPress community. I have the privilege to speak as well as help organize the monthly Meetups and the annual WordCamps. The official WordPress Foundation has its back behind these events.

Back in 2019, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to help start the Elementor Community Islamabad Chapter – which organizes monthly Elementor Meetups. Yet that is not it, I have met some really humble people over the years, whom I proudly call my besties, all that made possible by the open-source WordPress community.

A Little Background

I have always had a knack for technology. Now, I still remember the summer of 2006 when I brought a PC for the first time. I would try to install Windows XP many times so to make Windows work smoothly but without any luck. It was those stubborn viruses, which would only be removed by running a virus scan, not a fresh Windows install, something I figured out later.

Although, it took me another decade – right after my MBA in 2015 with a specialization in finance – to turn my curiosity for technology into a passion after I stumbled upon web technologies from the development perspective. It is when I started learning WordPress while still working in an administrative and support capacity at an organization in my hometown.

Moving Forward

Ever since I have been exploring the big and sometimes scary yet enchanting web development profession. I have gained extensive knowledge about web technologies especially the WordPress platform and its ecosystem.

In the future, I look forward to exploring more about PHP frameworks like Laravel, the JavaScript ecosystem, and the Cloud Native leading to a path of a Full-Stack Developer.

That’s it for now folks. I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey as much as I enjoyed writing about it. If you are concerned about your privacy on this website, kindly read the privacy policy here. Thank you for stopping by, visit often.

Oh! In case you have a project you want to discuss with me or just feel like saying hi. Remember, I am just an email away from you. Let’s talk!